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Application areas

Car seat belts

At present, about 25% of the car seat belts will be applied to the polyester monofilament, containing monofilament as weft saddle, you can not improve the ribbon density under the premise of increasing the lateral stiffness of the ribbon to improve wear resistance, the use of Durability, and compared to ordinary ribbon, feel more soft, smooth and smooth. Due to the above characteristics of the monofilament webbing, the utilization rate of the single-track car seat belts will be significantly increased, close to or even more than 50% of the share in the foreseeable next 3-5 years. Division I provided the car seat belt dedicated polyester monofilament, has passed the Autoliv and other automotive safety system supplier certification, production and continuous supply, and maintained a good record of supply and quality records. The annual production capacity of 500 tons of such products.

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