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  • Monofilament diameter and denier and sub-Tikes how to convert?

    Denier(D)= d2×ρ×7065 ;Dickets(Dtex)=d2×ρ×7850 ,Denier(D)=0.9×Points(Dtex) Common material density table: Material Polyester material Nylon m......[more]
  • At present, what kind of package is provided by our company?

    Our company has a total of six kinds of package, the following table is PET 0.20 specifications as an example of six kinds of coil size and the maximum volume of single volume. Related informatio......[more]
  • Is it possible to design the product according to customer requirements or

    Our products can be based on customer performance, appearance and other design requirements of the monofilament products; can also be based on customer specified parameters for monofilament produ...[more]
  • Does it provide raw material processing services?

    Our company can provide raw materials processing services. ...[more]
  • What is the minimum order quantity for a normal order? Does the proofing se

    Our regular order of the minimum MOQ 500KG, the old customers can be reduced from the minimum order. In principle, I do not charge the proof, but because of the raw material prices, production an...[more]
  • What are the precautions for the use of monofilaments?

    A, balance the humidity Reply: The product is placed in the production environment 48-72 hours or more, the temperature 25 ± 5 ℃ (or monofilament weaving temperature consistent), is condu......[more]
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